"Recuit" and cheese workshop

Lola, one of the pioneers of the movement km0 and the Slow Food philosophy in Spain, offers show-cooking-style cookery workshops, preparing cheese and "recuit" with local fresh goal milk.

The workshop begins with an explanation of all the ingredients, origin and project of the producers, and of how to make the qualls. After the explanation and demonstration of the different stages of the production of "recuit" and cheese, the assistants will make an exquisite tasting of "recuit" and cheese.

Duration: 2 hours

Maximum group of 15 people.

  • Next few days
  • 19 de October del 2019 at 16:30h
  • 16 de November del 2019 at 16:30h
  • 15 de December del 2019 at 16:30h
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